Edgar, Nebraska

Presbyterian Church

June 30th  - There will be no services at the Church of the Plains but rather we will have joint Services at Salem Lutheran at 10:30.  Bring a non-meat dish, salad, or desert for an Anniversary/ pot luck dinner after.

June 23rd Service at 9:00am

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Pastor Ethan Feistner Hours

Mon - Off

Tues - UCC 9:am-1:pm, After 1:pm -  visiting in the community

Wed - Church of the Plains 9:am-1:pm, then visiting in the community

Thur - Salem Lutheran 9:am-1:pm, then visiting in the community

Fri - Available as needed

Sat - Available as needed

Pastor Ethan's phone: 402 879-5097

Pastor Ethan's Email: heartlandshared@gmail.com

Office Hours for Secretary


9:00am to 12:00pm

Other hours by appt.

office phone: 402-224-5905

Email: churchoftheplains@gmail.com


Worship provides the opportunity to inspire all ages to reflect

about our faith which leads to knowing and serving God in our lives. Worship provides opportunity for the faithful to commit themselves to knowing and serving God by partaking in the sacraments thoughtfully administered by the pastor

    Sunday School  10:00 - 10:50am

​   Sunday Worship: 


To know and serve God by living our faith in Jesus Christ

Church of the Plains