January  3… 2:00 Presbyterian Women meet
               69:00 Service with Pastor Ethan/Communion/potluck
                     12:00 Youth Group meets at Salem
               7…12:00 Congregate meal
             10…Annual Reports are due!!!
             13…11:00 Don Canady preaches
             14…12:00 Congregate meal
            16…6:00 Deacon’s meet/7:00 Session meets
             17…9:00 Comforter’s meet
             20…11:00 Pastor Ethan preaches
             21…12:00 Congregate meal/Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
             27… 11:00 Pastor Ethan preaches/Annual Meeting following service
             28…12:00 Congregate meal

The High School Youth Group will meet at Salem Lutheran on Sunday, January 6, noonish.  We will eat together. We will have a meeting following.  We will be discussing local missions’ trips to Hastings and/or Lincoln.  We will also be discussing a summer mission trip.  Please bring your calendars with you, we will need to pick out dates that will work for these trips and try to coordinate with the missions themselves.  We will also be coming up with a group name.

Edgar, Nebraska