Edgar, Nebraska

Confirmation Age Youth  /  First Communion Youth
Please let Pastor Ethan know if there are any youth who are confirmation age and want to go through confirmation classes to affirm their baptism, it would be appreciated!
 Also, please let Pastor Ethan know if there are any youth who want to visit about First Communion, it would be appreciated!​


January 1…New Year’s Day
                   10:00 coffee at the church
             6…No Congregate meal
             8…10:00 coffee at the church
            13…12:00 Congregate meal
            15…10:00 coffee at the church
                      7:00 Session meets
            16…Deadline for articles to be put in the Annual Report
                     9:00 Comforters meet           
            20…Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
                    12:00 Congregate meal
            22…10:00 coffee at the church
            26…26th Annual Congregation Corporation meeting         

            27…12:00Congregate meal
            29…10:00 coffee at the church


            At the meeting of the Heartland Shared Ministries Coordinating Council held on Nov. 24 the following worship schedule, beginning the first Sunday in February and continuing through 2020, was approved for recommendation to the congregations to be adopted at each 2020 Annual Meeting:
            Salem Lutheran – 9:30 a.m.
            Church of the Plains – 11:00 a.m.
            United Church of Christ – 11:00 a.m.
            Dave Nienkamp will develop and distribute the new worship schedule.Type your paragraph here.