Confirmation Age Youth  /  First Communion Youth
Please let Pastor Ethan know if there are any youth who are confirmation age and want to go through confirmation classes to affirm their baptism, it would be appreciated!
 Also, please let Pastor Ethan know if there are any youth who want to visit about First Communion, it would be appreciated!​

High School Youth Group News
We will gather at the joint worship service to help and to break bread.  Thanks for all you have done and continue to do!  The Spirit is a leading!!!​​

Flower Arrangements

You are invited to provide a flower arrangement(s) for our Sunday morning worship service.  Flowers in the sanctuary remind us of the love God has for us through his creation, in addition to adding beauty and warmth to our service.  Through your gift of flowers, you can remember and horror a special person in your life, give thanks for blessings, or simply beautify the sanctuary.

​September 29th! A Special Day!
Joint Worship Service and Service!There will be a Heartland Shared Ministries joint worship service on Sunday, September 29th.  We will meet at the UCC church in Clay Center. Worship begins at 10:30 am.  But wait, there’s more.  We will gather for a short worship service then we will let the Spirit lead in service.  Some of us will head out into Clay Center to do service projects (pick up the parks, paint some curbs, etc.), others will stay at the UCC for a service project (SOAP project—putting stickers on bars of soap to help people caught up in sex trafficking).  After the projects are complete, we will gather for a potluck dinner around noon. It’s going to be a great day of worship, service and fellowship, just what God calls us to do!!!!

 September   1…11:00 service with Pastor Bill/Communion
                    2…Labor Day/no Congregate meal
                    4…10:00 coffee at the church
                    5…2:00 Presbyterian Women meet
                    7-8.Old Trusty Days
                    8…10:00 breakfast with the Grandparents Day and Sunday School starts 
                          11:00 service with Pastor Ethan
                    9…12:00 Congregate meal
                  11…Patriot Day (911)
                          10:00 coffee at the church
                  15…9:00 service with Pastor Ethan
                  16…12:00 Congregate meal
                  18…10:00 coffee at the church
                  19…9:00 Comforters meet
                  22…11:00 service with Pastor Bill
                  23…12:00 Congregate meal
                  25,,,10:00 coffee at the church
                  29…10:30 HSM worship service at Clay Center UCC/potluck to follow
                          High School youth group will help at this day
                          6:30 deck party at the Feisner’s
                  30…12:00 Congregate meal


Edgar, Nebraska