Edgar, Nebraska

Flower Arrangements

You are invited to provide a flower arrangement(s) for our Sunday morning worship service.  Flowers in the sanctuary remind us of the love God has for us through his creation, in addition to adding beauty and warmth to our service.  Through your gift of flowers, you can remember and horror a special person in your life, give thanks for blessings, or simply beautify the sanctuary.

The Senior High Youth Group will not be meeting in the month of June.  Pastor Ethan is getting something worked out for the end of July.  Keep your eyes and ears open.

June    2…11:00 Pastor Ethan preaches/pot luck/communion
            3…8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Vacation Bible School at Deweese
                  12:00 Congregate meal at the church
            5…10:00 coffee at the church
            6…2:00 Presbyterian Women meet
            9…pulpit fill????
          10…12:00 Congregate meal
          12…10:00 coffee
          14…Flag Day
          16…Father’s Day/11:00 Pastor Ethan preaches
          17…12:00 Congregate meal
          19…10:00 coffee
                  8:00 Session meets
          20…9:00 Comforters meet
          23…9:00 Pastor Ethan preaches
             24…12:00 Congregate meal
          26….10:00 coffee
          28…P.W. sets up for Edgar Fest
          29…Edgar Fest 

          30…10:30 Joint Services at Salem Lutheran  


Save the Date:
July 30- August 1
Vacation Bible School   @   The Church of the Plains