Confirmation Age Youth  /  First Communion Youth
Please let Pastor Ethan know if there are any youth who are confirmation age and want to go through confirmation classes to affirm their baptism, it would be appreciated!
 Also, please let Pastor Ethan know if there are any youth who want to visit about First Communion, it would be appreciated!​

Edgar, Nebraska

HSM Ash Wednesday Worship Service

will be held at Salem Lutheran Church beginning at 7:00 pm.  At the printing of this newsletter, the rest of the midweek schedule had not been set.  Please keep your eyes and ears open for the midweek Lenten schedule, it will be made known once is has been discussed at council meetings.  Please let your lay leadership know your feelings on the Lenten schedule.

Bible Study Class

  We begin our adventure as the Spirit leads us to study God’s word as HSM!  We will meet at the Church of the Plains on Wednesday, February 5 at 7:00 pm.  Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26th.  At the printing of this newsletter, the Lenten schedule had not been set in stone. The meeting place for the March 4th bible study will be announced as the Lenten schedule is figured out.  As you contemplate your busy schedules, please pray about attending this bible study: Let the Spirit lead you and God will get you to the place God wants you to be!
             At this time, the bible study will deal with surrendering to God’s will, God’s promises in a round about way.  Also, at this time, this theme will also be carried throughout the midweek gatherings if midweek gatherings happen.

​February   2…Ground Hog Day!
                    11:00 Pastor Ethan preaches/Communion/potluck
                 3…12:00 Congregate meal
                 5…10:00 coffee at the church
                         7:00 Bible Study at The Church of the Plains
                 9…11:00 services with Pastor Bill
               10…12:00 Congregate meal
               12…10:00 coffee at the church
               14…Valentine’s Day!
               16…11:00 services with Pastor Ethan
               17…Presidents Day!
                       12:00 Congregate meal
               19…10:00 coffee at the church
                         7:00 Session meets
               20…  9:00 Comforters meet
               23…  9:30 services with Pastor Ethan
               24…12:00 Congregate meal
               26…Ash Wednesday!  Lent Begins!
                       10:00 coffee at the church