3A voice cries out:“In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.  Isaiah 40:3 (NRSV) 
the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: 11 to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord.   Luke 2:10-11  (NRSV) 
 It is December already.  It is time for us to prepare for and celebrate the coming of Jesus the Messiah!  Yes, I know that you may already know those facts.  Yes, I do realize that your lives are very busy, some may say hectic. Yes, I do realize that some of you may be going through some things that you really don’t feel like preparing or celebrating.  Yes, it may be that time of year when you may be missing a loved one and/or loved ones and the hole it leaves in your heart and life seems to grow.  This time of year, seems to really bring all of those emotions to the front of our lives moving our hearts.  I think it is for all of those reasons plus some that I haven’t mentioned yet that moves us to prepare and celebrate the coming of Jesus.  It is Jesus whose birth gives us hope in the midst of whatever may be going on in our lives.  It is the birth of Jesus that started the journey to the cross and the resurrection which helps us through the loss of loved ones knowing we will be with them again. It is preparing for the coming of Jesus the Messiah that gives us hope that all the darkness in this world now and in the time ahead has been and will be defeated.  The Holy Spirit leads as we prepare for and celebrate the coming of Jesus the Messiah giving us light in our hearts and faith to lean and hold on to with an emotion that can’t be understood at times.    It is December already.  It is time for us to prepare for and celebrate the coming of Jesus the Messiah!  May the Holy Spirit lead us all that we may appreciate and be strengthened as we continue on the journey, a journey God blesses.  In the midst of whatever you may be going through, may the Holy Spirit move that the Light of the Messiah may shine in the midst of it and grace, hope, love and forgiveness may engulf us. Let the Spirit lead!   God’s blessings and peace

-  Pastor Ethan 
A blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas be to all!  Kellie and I give thanks to God for calling us here to the Heartland Shared Ministries!  Thank you for all the gifts you have shared with us to help us in this new call, God has used you to touch our hearts and lives!  We look forward to celebrating Jesus birth with all of you and to join with you in the mission God has called us to do.  May God bless our time together, may the Spirit lead and may all have a blessed Advent and a very Merry Christmas! God’s blessings -- Pastor Ethan and Kellie 
Each congregation of the Heartland Shared Ministries will be having Christmas Eve Worship Services with Pastor Ethan leading the service.  The Schedule is as follows: 
Salem Lutheran Church Worship with Holy Communion and Candlelight 5:00 pm The Church of the Plains Candlelight Service 7:00 pm UCC of Clay Center with Holy Communion and Candlelight 9:00 pm 
Let’s get together to praise and worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  Emmanuel, God with us!   The real reason for the season!


Pastor's Ponderings
Heartland Shared Ministries
December 2018 Newsletter

Edgar, Nebraska