Edgar, Nebraska

                               ​“Be still and know that I am God….”  Psalm 46:10a NRSV

                                           In the midst of Covid-19—God speaks
                                      In the midst of financial fears—God speaks
                                       In the midst of health issues—God speaks
                                      In the midst of family issues—God speaks
                                          In the midst of anxieties—God speaks
                                             In the midst of anger—God speaks
                                                 In the midst of joy—God speaks
                                         In the midst of getting old—God speaks
                                      In the midst of a failing body—God speaks
                                            In the midst of work—God speaks
                                             In the midst of life—God speaks
                                            In the midst of death—God speaks
                                      In the midst of lack of faith—God speaks
                                       In the midst of addictions—God speaks
                                         In the midst of isolation—God speaks
                                      In the midst of the knowns—God speaks
                                   In the midst of the unknowns—God speaks
                                        In the midst of _______________—God speaks

In the the midst of everything imaginable, seen and unseen, God speaks to all of us….God steps in when we can’t go another step…God puts God’s loving arms around us…God whispers in our hearts with a soft, loving, grace filled, strong and courageous voice…..
“Be still and know that I am God….”
God’s blessings and peace and whatever you may need at this time and place
Pastor Ethan
          We want to thank you for all the ways you gave us many gifts for Christmas and throughout the year.  We are blessed by God through you in so many ways! You show us kindness, patience and support. Thank you so much for being you, children of God, and the grace God has instilled in you and the grace you show.  Thank you once again for everything, our hearts and lives have been changed through you.  God’s blessings and a blessed New Year!       Pastor Ethan and Kellie​      

 Pastor’s Visits
If you want Pastor Ethan to visit you, please give him a call on his cell phone 1-402-879-5097. In the midst of the Coronavirus, he is cutting back on visitation.  If you call him, he would be happy to come to visit just let him know. 

 Phone Calls
In the midst of the social distancing, let’s not forget to keep in touch with one another. A good way is through the phone.  Let the Spirit lead and if you get that nudge, give that person a call to check to see how they are doing.  We are here for one another.  ​

From the Pastor's Desk
Heartland Shared Ministries
 2021 Newsletter