Edgar, Nebraska

Pastor's Ponderings
Heartland Shared Ministries
March 2019 Newsletter

 In my distress I called upon the Lord; to my God I cried for help.  From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears.  Psalm 18:6 (NRSV)

             I was standing in front of the church while the Lord’s Prayer was prayed by the congregation.  For some reason, the Holy Spirit?, I stopped praying the words.  As I stood there, I heard the many voices of the congregation.  I heard voices I could recognize and those I could not.  It sounded amazing to me!         

I thought and wondered to myself how many times the Lord’s Prayer had been prayed by each one gathered?  How many times has this sanctuary echoed the sound of voices praying?  This brief moment of listening to the people praying touched my heart, it truly was an amazing gift from God.     

When one thinks about it, prayer is always an amazing gift from God.  We can talk to God about anything at anytime.  As the Psalmist writes, “In my distress…..”, in times of joy and/or sorrow, any time we can visit with God.   

God, the creator of all things, hears our voices!  God hears us, truly hears us and acts upon our prayers.  As a matter of fact, God even helps us to pray through the Holy Spirit.  We don’t have to “know how” to pray.  All we need to do is let the words come out, let the Spirit lead!
Prayer really is an amazing thing.  It is one of the gifts from God that we can focus on during the Lenten Season that begins March 6, Ash Wednesday.  As we go through life’s ups and downs, let’s use the gift of prayer;  let’s talk to God led by the Holy Spirit.  As we talk to God, let’s be reassured that God has promised to hear our prayers and act upon them for the good of all.  As we pray to God, led by the Holy Spirit, enjoying such a precious gift, let’s take time to listen.  Let’s take time to listen to God’s voice, God’s Holy Spirit. 

As all good gifts, it seems we can take them for granted or forget about them ways too easily.  May God lead us always to remember to pray, during this Lenten season and beyond.  May our voices and our hearts be lifted up to God and may we remember that our prayers reaches God’s ears!  We put our faith, our trust, our prayers, in God who loves us so much that Jesus died and rose for us!

May God bless us and our prayers!
Pastor Ethan