Presbyterian Church

Edgar, Nebraska

        Many people have all of the answers, but have they even asked the tough or hard questions? For me, faith allows me to examine my life, discover my short-comings, and become more than the shallow self I was before. I don’t have all of the answers. One of my professors used to say, “When you have the questions, you have part of the answer.” I see Jesus as one who asks questions. He doesn’t judge or condemn. He angers many because he invites them to question. Having all of the answers is easier than having the questions but it keeps us from truly living, loving, and discovering who God intends us to be.

        Easter is about dying so that we might live. Let us be willing to die to our old ways and live for Christ’s sake.

Easter blessings to all!
Kathryn Bates, one of two pastors of Heartland Shared Ministries.